SCP 60/400

SCP 60/400SCP 60/400SCP 60/400

Professional microprocessor-controlled battery charger and starter
Battery 12 - 24 Volt, 5 > 800 Ah




Professional microprocessor-controlled battery charger and starter.

  • Suitable for charging lead batteries: WET serviceable and maintenance free, AGM, AGM Power, GEL, Start & Stop, Ca/Ca
  • "Safe Charge & Boost": The system protects the electronic components on the vehicle against interference and overvoltage that may be created at the charging or quick starting procedures. (DIN 408399 interference emission level I).
  • Multi step charging The batteries are charged by applying sophisticated multi-step programs.
  • Floating Can remain connected to the battery for a long time. Batteries are ready to use at all times.
  • Continuously adjustable charge current Lets you charge optimally batteries of all capacities (Ah).
  • Charging with timer
  • Boosting remote control
  • Digital Voltmeter / Ammeter
  • Overload protection with automatic reset
  • Inversions of polarity and short circuits protection
  • Heavy duty clamps

Code: 330400


Input Voltage (Volt 50-60Hz AC):1 Ph - 230V
Nominal battery voltage (Volt):12 - 24V
Power (kW):0,84 / 5 kW (12V) - 1,15 / 9 kW (24V)
Voltage limitation (Volt):14,8V (12V) - 29,6V (24V)
Average charging current (Amp):40 Amp (12V) - 30 Amp (24V)
Effective charging current (Amp):60 Amp (12V) - 45 Amp (24V)
Battery capacity (Ah min/max):5 / 800Ah (12V)
5 / 600Ah (24V)
Battery types:Automotive: Pb (WET - AGM - GEL)
Charging positions (N°):STEPLESS
Boosting Current (Amp 0 Volt CC):400A
Boosting current (Amp 1 Volt / EL):230A
Weight Kg ≅:18
Dimension, Wid.-Dep.-Height (mm):400 x 350 x 277
Package dimension, Wid.-Dep.-Height (mm):510 x 375 x 230
Package weight kg:19.1
Pieces for pallet:20
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