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TIG, MMA welding machine in direct current 3Ph - 230V / 400V 50/60 Hz
TIG with HF - LIFT ignition; Rutile and Basic Electrodes; "EASY PULSE" pulsed TIG welding for easy adjustment




TIG DC, PULSE TIG and PULSE MMA three-phase inverter welding machine. Modern generator for welding, with total microprocessor control.Designed for the most complex welding operations. It can be used to weld mild steel and stainless steel with TIG DC process.
  • The intuitive control panel consists of icon-based buttons and a digital display showing the main parameters and it allows to easily select and adjust the desired parameters.
  • High-frequency or LIFT ignition, which allows to weld near sensitive electronic devices.
  • The pulse TIG function provides better control of the weld pool. Particulary useful for the union of thin laminates or stainless steel parts.
  • The EASY PULSE function supports also the less experted operators. Most parameters are automatically managed according to the welding current and to the diameter of the tungsten electrode.
  • MMA welding in synergic mode. The quality and the dynamic of the arc changes according to the electrode coating: rutile, basic, acid, etc.
  • Multipolar connector for a wide range of remote control.
  • TIG Features
  • LIFT or HF arc striking.
  • Pulse DC current with EasyPulse function.
  • DC current with balance function.
  • Bilevel.
  • Adjustable Pre-gas, Post-gas.
  • Adjustable Slope up, Slope down.
  • Torch trigger mode: 2/4T / Spot
  • User jobs saving.
  • Rapid start: it heats up the weld pool more quickly upon start-up.
  • Dynamic TIG: it increases or decreases the welding current as the arc length varies.
  • Targeted SPOT: it allows to center with the electrode the exact welding point before HF ignition
  • MMA Features
  • Adjustable Hot Start and Arc Force. Anti-sticking.
  • Synergic welding: to obtain optimal performance with the various basic, rutile and stainless steel electrodes.
  • Pulse welding with frequency regulation to reduce heat input.

  • Code: 286800
    Equipment: power source + cable 35 mmq with ground clamp (3 m), gas hose (1,5 m).


    Welding current range (Amp):400Volt: TIG DC: (10 - 300A) / MMA: (10 - 270A)
    230Volt: TIG DC: (10 - 280A) / MMA: (10 - 220A)
    Duty Cycle (Amp) (EN 60974-1 40░C):400Volt: TIG DC: (300A - 35%) - (250A - 60%) / MMA: (270A - 35%) - (220A - 60%)
    230Volt: TIG DC: (280A - 35%) - (240A - 60%) / MMA: (220A - 35%) - (180A - 60%)
    Open circuit voltage (Volt):400Volt: 61V
    230Volt: 58V
    Input voltage (50/60 Hz) :3 Ph - 400V +/- 15% (autosetting)
    3 Ph - 230V +/- 15% (autosetting)
    Absorbed power 60% / Max:400Volt: 5 / 8,5 kW
    230Volt: 4 / 6 kW
    Fuse (Amp):16A
    Rutile:ě 1,6 - 5,0 mm
    Basic:ě 2,0 - 5,0 mm
    TIG:ě 1,0 - 4,0 mm
    Output connection:DX 50 mm2
    Thermostatic Protection:yes
    Weight kg ≅:19 kg
    Dimensions (mm):580 x 230 x 430
    Synergic welding:yes
    Pregas - Postgas:Adjustable
    2T - 4T / Spot / Stich:yes
    Hot Start (MMA):yes
    TIG HF - Lift:yes
    TIG Pulse:yes
    Pulse welding:yes
    Easy Pulse TIG DC:yes
    Slope Up - Slope Down:Adjustable
    Hot start (MMA DC):Adjustable
    Anti-sticking (MMA DC):Adjustable
    Arc force (MMA DC):Adjustable
    Package weight kg:0
    Pieces for pallet:0
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