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D-PAC 90

D-PAC  90

Plasma cutter 3 Ph - 400V 50/60 HZ
Innesco ad alta frequenza; PossibilitÓ di taglio su grigliato




The D-PAC 90 LAB plasma cutter is the ideal choice for workshop and carpentry work. A solid and reliable product It meets professional and specialist cutting needs and is guaranteed by the LAB mark of excellence. Designed and built with care at our San Marino factories.

The D-PAC 90 LAB plasma cutter delivers 800 Amps and thanks to the particular torch it easily cuts 15 mm of steel and reaches up to 20 mm in separation. It can be used on steel and other conductive metals (galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc.)

The triggering of the cutting arc is done by high frequency. The trigger system also allows you to cut on grilled sheets.

The power supply voltage is three-phase 400 Volt.

The D-PAC 90 LAB plasma cutter is easy to use:

  • Integrated, easy to read and adjust air pressure reducer.
  • Air-cooled torch with easy-to-use trigger safety system.
  • Easy replacement of consumables on the torch.
  • Indicator light for checking the correct inlet air pressure.
  • Thermostatic protection.
  • Torch holder and accessory tray.

Code: 117900
Equipment: torch 80A 6m, 3 nozzles (1 x ě 1,0 mm / 2 x ě 1,2 mm), cable with ground clamp, torch holder, tool holder, air connection (8/10 mm).


Cutting current (Amp):40 - 80A
Duty Cycle (Amp) (EN 60974-1 40░C):75A - 30%
40A - 100%
Open circuit voltage (Volt):265V
Cut / Separation (Fe):15 / 20 mm
Input voltage (Volt 50/60 Hz):3 Ph - 400V
Fuse (Amp):25A
Absorbed power 60% / Max:4,5 / 9,5 kW
Air pressure min / max:5 / 6 bar
Air consumption (l/min):155 lt/min
Torch connection:Direct
Earth connection:Direct
Weight kg:77
Dimensions (mm):670 x 615 x 865
Cut on grid:yes
Hight frequency:yes
Power indicator light:yes
Safety torch:yes
Thermostatic Protection:yes
Automatic torch cooling:yes
Package dimension (mm):790 x 510 x 680
Package weight kg:79.5
Pieces for pallet:4
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