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I-PAC 335 K

I-PAC 335 K

Inverter plasma cutter 1Ph 230V 50/60 Hz
Innesco ad arco pilota; PossibilitÓ di taglio su grigliato




The I-PAC 335 K plasma cutter delivers 35 Amp and thanks to the particular torch it easily cuts 6 mm of steel and reaches up to 12 mm in separation. It can be used on steel and other conductive metals (galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc.)

The triggering of the cutting arc is done via a pilot arc. The trigger system also allows you to cut on grilled sheets.

A mini compressor is integrated inside the appliance which makes it independent of an external compressed air source.

The I-PAC 335 K plasma cutter is equipped with special input protections that allow it to maintain adequate performance even in the event of a non-optimal power supply. This feature is particularly useful for those who often work by connecting to motorcycle generators (see the characteristics table).

The model has the exclusive CONVAIR COOLING SYSTEM ventilation system which makes it robust and durable thanks to the reduced operating temperature of the transformer.

The I-PAC 335 K plasma cutter is easy to use:

  • Air-cooled torch with easy-to-use trigger safety system.
  • Easy replacement of consumables on the torch.
  • Thermostatic protection.

Code: 115100 power source with built-in compressor
Equipment: DE25 K torch 4m, 3 nozzles (ě 0,8 mm), cable with ground clamp.


Cutting current (Amp):5 - 35A
Duty Cycle (Amp) (EN 60974-1 40░C):35A - 30%
25A - 60%
20A - 100%
Open circuit voltage (Volt):410V
Cut / Separation (Fe):6 / 12 mm
Input voltage (Volt 50/60 Hz):1 Ph - 230V
Generator:+/- 30% (6 kW)
Air pressure min / max:Built in compressor
Air consumption (l/min):-
Torch connection:Direct
Weight kg:16
Dimensions (mm):480 x 227 x 373
Cut on grid:yes
Pilot arc:yes
Fan cooled:Convair Cooling System
Power indicator light:yes
Safety torch:yes
Built in Compressor:yes
Package dimension (mm):525 x 275 x 445
Package weight kg:17.5
Pieces for pallet:18
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