TIG, MMA welding machine in direct / alternating current 1Ph - 230V 50/60 Hz
TIG with HF - LIFT ignition; Rutile and Basic Electrodes; Pulsed TIG welding "EASY PULSE", "AC EASY" for a simple adjustment; Complete adjustment of the welding parameters




The power sources for TIG and MMA welding of the MASTROTIG line are the top of the Deca range, ideal for maintenance, repair and construction work. They meet professional and specialist welding needs and are guaranteed by the LAB mark of excellence. Carefully designed and manufactured at our San Marino factories.

All models have unique features both of operation and construction: excellent ignition, power and arc stability, an extremely easy and clear professional control panel. Possibility to act on all welding parameters both in manual mode and using the EASY PULSE and AC EASY welding aids, body in light aluminum alloy.

The great flexibility of the welding machine is supported by the possibility of saving the most interesting "jobs" in memory.

The MASTROTIG 216 AC / DC LAB model delivers 160 Amps in TIG and 130 Amps in MMA in alternating and direct current.

It is designed to weld with the TIG process both in normal mode and in the more sophisticated PULSED TIG mode. It also welds with rutile and basic coated electrodes.

Some of the main TIG features:

  • TIG HF LIFT: arc striking occurs without touching the piece by means of the high frequency or by touching the piece with the electrode and slowly lifting it. The risk of contaminating the piece with the tungsten electrode is low.
  • Setting the diameter of the TIG electrode: to guide in subsequent adjustments.
  • TIG pulse: manual adjustment of frequency and base current.
  • Easy pulse: the TIG pulse is used to obtain a good penetration without heating the piece too much. The system automatically adjusts the current reduction to the most appropriate pulsation frequency based on the welding current set: no special knowledge is required.
  • AC Frequency adjustment and balance: manual in TIG welding in alternating current.
  • AC Easy: n internal synergy in the microcontroller takes care of better managing the frequency and balance of the alternating wave when welding in alternating current, for example on aluminum or stainless steel of low thickness.
  • Bilevel welding: selection of two welding currents (high and low) by pressing the torch trigger. Useful for special jobs when a pedal is not available.
  • Adjustable Pre gas / post gas: to avoid contamination of the weld pool.
  • Adjustable Slope Up / Slope down: progressive increase and subsequent decrease of the welding current to obtain a flawless beginning and end of the welding seam.
  • 2T/4T: allows you to weld without having to keep pressing the trigger of the torch.
  • Spot: to obtain welding points that are all the same (riveting).

Code: 284200
Equipment: TIG torch 140A 4m (electrode ě 1,6 mm Fe / ě 1,6 mm Al), cable with ground clamp, gas hose.


Welding current range (Amp):MMA DC: 20 - 130A
TIG AC / TIG DC: 5 - 160A
Duty Cycle (Amp) (EN 60974-1 40░C):MMA DC: (130A - 25%) - (80A - 60%)
TIG AC / TIG DC: (160A - 20%) - (85A - 60%)
Open circuit voltage (Volt):105V
Input voltage (50/60 Hz):1 Ph - 230V
Absorbed power 60% / Max:2 / 4 kW
Fuse (Amp):16A
Rutile:ě 1,6 - 3,2 mm
Basic:ě 1,6 - 3,2 mm
TIG:ě 1,0 - 3,2 mm
Output connection:DX 25 mm2
Thermostatic Protection:yes
Weight kg ≅:11,9
Dimensions (mm):418 x 200 x 415
2T / 4T:TIG AC / DC
Easy Pulse AC / DC:yes
Pulse frequency:TIG AC: 0,2 - 2 Hz
TIG DC: 0,2 - 250 Hz
AC Frequency:TIG AC: 10 - 200 Hz
Slope Up - Slope Down:Adjustable
Program saving:9
Hot start (MMA DC):Adjustable
Anti-sticking (MMA DC):yes
Arc force (MMA DC):Adjustable
Package dimension, Wid.-Dep.-Height (mm):505 x 300 x 465
Package weight kg:16.35
Pieces for pallet:18
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