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MIGA 200

MIGA 200

MIG/MAG, NO-GAS, MMA - INVERTER Multiprocess welding system 1Ph - 230V 50/60 Hz
"EASY MIG" Synergic MIG welding




MIGA 200 is a portable single-phase inverter welding machine and suitable for MIG/MAG, NO GAS and MMA welding operations. Extremely compact and powerful, this machine is designed for small works and minor repairs.
  • User-friendly control panel by just setting voltage and wire feed speed. The machine is ready to weld.
  • SYNERGIC CONTROL: The microprocessor which controls the machine regulates inductance and other welding parameters.
  • Reversed polarity for welding with innershield wire (NO GAS) is a standard feature that makes outdoor welding less complicated. The innershield wire is comprised of welding material and flux that create its own gas shield. This means no need for a gas cylinder.
  • MIGA 200 is ideal to operate on steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • MIGA 200 is also an outstanding electrode welding machine with excellent ignition properties and a stable arc. It is applicable for mild and stainless steel welding operations both with rutile, basic,inox electrodes etc.
  • MIG Features
  • Easy Mig Full Setting: help table for the correct adjustment of the welding parameters.
  • Adjustable welding wire speed and voltage
  • Automatic electronic inductance: it reduces spattering and stabilizes welding arc.
  • Hot Start: it improves arc ignition. Useful for aluminum welding.
  • Burn back: it avoids wire sticking on work piece.
  • MMA Features
  • Hot Start.
  • Arc Force.
  • Anti-sticking.

  • Code: 230000
    Equipment: MIG torch 110A 2m (Tip 1,0 mm), rollers ( 0,9 mm Flux / 0,6 mm Fe), cable with ground clamp (1,7 m).


    Welding current range (Amp):MIG-NO GAS: 10 - 150A
    MMA: 10 - 130A
    Duty Cycle (Amp) (EN 60974-1 40C):MIG - NO GAS: (110A - 25%) - (70A - 60%)
    MMA: (100A - 25%) - (60A - 60%)
    Open circuit voltage (Volt):100V
    Input voltage (50/60 Hz) :1 Ph - 230V
    Absorbed power 60% / Max:1,6 / 2,5 kW
    Fuse (Amp):16A
    Generator:+/- 30% (4 kW)
    Wire MIG MAN/SYN::
    Steel wire ( mm): 0,6 - 0,8 - 0,9 mm
    Stainless steel wire ( mm): 0,8 mm
    Al.Mg - Al.Si wire ( mm): 0,8 - 1,0 mm
    Cu.Si 3 - Cu.Al 8 wire ( mm): 0,8 mm
    Self shielded wire (mild teel) ( mm): 0,8 - 0,9 - 1,0 mm
    Wire Suitable Spool: 100 mm
    Rutile: 1,6 - 3,2 mm
    Basic: 1,6 - 3,2 mm
    Wire feeder:2 rollers (25 mm)
    Output connection:DX 25 mm2 / Direct torch
    Torch connection:Direct
    Thermostatic Protection:yes
    Weight kg ≅:7,6 KG
    Dimensions (mm):367 x 166 x 337
    Synergic welding:MIG MAG / NO GAS
    Electronic inductor:Automatic
    Burn back:MIG/MAG, NO GAS
    Hot start:MIG/MAG, NO GAS, MMA
    Arc force:MMA
    Package weight kg:0
    Pieces for pallet:0
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